(204) Supplication of the resident for the traveller — دعاء المقيم للمسافر

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زَوَّدَكَ اللَّهُ التقْوى، وَغَفَـرَذَنْـبَكَ، وَيَسَّـرَ لَكَ الخَـيْرَ حَيْـثُما كُنْـت.

Zawwadakal-lahut-taqwa, waghafara thanbak, wayassara lakal-khayra haythuma kunt.

‘May Allah endow you with taqwa, forgive your sins and facilitate all good for you, wherever you be.’

taqwa: a comprehensive term which refers to all good actions and obedience i.e. performing the commanded actions and avoiding the prohibited actions.