(193) Supplication said to the debtor when his debt is settled —الدعاء لمن أقرض عند القضاء

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بارَكَ اللهُ لَكَ في أَهْلِكَ وَمالِك، إِنَّما جَـزاءُ السَّلَفِ الْحَمْدُ والأَداء.

Barakal-lahu laka fee ahlika wamalik, innama jaza-os-salafil-hamdu wal-ada/.

‘May Allah bless for you, your family and wealth. Surely commendation and payment are the reward for a loan.’

shirk: to associate others with Allah in those things which are specific to Him. This can occur in [1] belief, e.g. to believe that other than Allah has the power to benefit or harm, [2] speech, e.g. to swear by other than Allah and [3] action, e.g. to bow or prostrate to other than Allah.