(107) Remembrance before sleeping — أذكار قبل النوم

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‘If you take to your bed, then perform ablution, lie on your right side and then supplicate:

اللّهُـمَّ أَسْـلَمْتُ نَفْـسي إِلَـيْكَ، وَفَوَّضْـتُ أَمْـري إِلَـيْكَ، وَوَجَّـهْتُ وَجْـهي إِلَـيْكَ، وَأَلْـجَـاْتُ ظَهـري إِلَـيْكَ، رَغْبَـةً وَرَهْـبَةً إِلَـيْكَ، لا مَلْجَـأَ وَلا مَنْـجـا مِنْـكَ إِلاّ إِلَـيْكَ، آمَنْـتُ بِكِتـابِكَ الّـذي أَنْزَلْـتَ وَبِنَبِـيِّـكَ الّـذي أَرْسَلْـت .

Allahumma aslamtu nafsee ilayk, wafawwadtu amree ilayk, wawajjahtu wajhee ilayk, wa-alja/tu thahree ilayk, raghbatan warahbatan ilayk, la maljaa wala manja minka illa ilayk, amantu bikitabikal-lathee anzalt, wabinabiyyikal-lathee arsalt.

‘O Allah, I submit my soul unto You, and I entrust my affair unto You, and I turn my face towards You, and I totally rely on You, in hope and fear of You.Verily there is no refuge nor safe haven from You except with You. I believe in Your Book which You have revealed and in Your Prophet whom You have sent.’

…If you then die, you will die upon the fitrah.’

fitrah: the religion of Islam, the way of Ibraheem .